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Travel Must Haves

Summer is almost here, and it is my favourite time of the year to travel. My husband and I love to travel, and we have learned so much every time we went on a trip. Here are some of our travel must-haves. I have linked everything in my for you.

Here is a video of me in Heathrow and Manchester Airports. Follow me on Instagram and you will see more fun videos.

Cosmetic & Jewelry Case: I used to take bunch of different small bags and have make up in one bag, jewelry in one, skin care in one, and shaving stuff in one. I was not only making my luggage heavier but getting myself all confused. I found this organizer on Amazon. We took it to England with us. Staying organized while traveling makes life way easier. This Cosmetic Case has so many compartments to keep your makeup, hair products, skincare, and jewelry organized. I used Ziploc bags to keep my necklaces that I matched with my outfits in, so they don’t get tangled.

Luggage: We went to England and that was our last trip. You can have two luggage and one carry on when you travel to England. Our luggage brand is London Fog. We truly love it, and the quality is amazing. It rolls easily and has survived quite a few trips already. I hate how the airlines just toss your bags around, but my London Fog is still looking good. Also, I used my carry on this year and I love how my hands were free and didn’t have to hold a bag. Also, you can have these cup-holders on your carry on and not worry about your coffee while you are in the airport.

Led Travel Mirror: This mirror saved me big time. This mirror is so thin and light that you can easily put it in your luggage. For size reference, you can imagine putting your iPad in your luggage. It doesn’t need a battery; it just needs a micro-USB. I was able to do my makeup while I was sitting on the bed.

Mighty Patch and Moisturizer: If you are like me and get dry skin when you are traveling, I definitely recommend having IT CONFIDENCE IN A CREAM with you. I am obsessed with this product. Also, I get pimples when I am in the plane for a long time. Mighty Patch travels with me all the time. So, they are our MUST HAVES for sure.

Blanket: I am always so COLD in the plane and those thin blankets they give you never help me. I purchased these Barefoot Dreams Dupes and I LOVE THEM. My hubby and I had this blanket on us and we felt so comfy when we were there.

Travel Adapter: We usually do our homework and do some research before we go to any country, but these Travel Adapters are awesome. We took them to England, and they have saved us.

So, do you have any travel plans for this Summer? We’d love to know where you are headed.

Our favourite summer vacation was Punta Cana. Where is your favourite vacay?

Please tell me in comments if you have any travel must-haves. They might be items we need to try as well.



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