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Updated: Jun 15, 2022

I published this blog 2 years ago in my old website. I wanted to have it here as well. Enjoy reading it and the pictures!

I know, raising a baby human is way more demanding than raising a baby dog. Yet still, some similarities are undeniable. Puppies are truly like babies; they ground you. Yes, I know, you can't put a baby in its crate and go to the movies, but there are so many other ways having a puppy feels a lot like having a newborn baby.

It's all fun when you first bring the puppy home and EVERYONE is offering to help. Then comes the day you are home alone, just you and your puppy, and the fun and games are over. While you are trying to work, that cute, sweet puppy of yours eats EVERYTHING in sight, bites your toes and your knees as well and you might find yourself thinking "Whose bright idea was this?” My husband? Me?

Here are just a few reasons your cute puppy makes is like a new baby, or WORSE:

  1. You can have dog name regret. My puppy's name is Simba. He truly does look like Simba. We picked this name because we are big fans of Disney. But now that he is biting EVERYTHING and he doesn’t really listen, ( I mean he is a puppy and teething) I think I had to name him “Monster” instead of “Simba”.

  2. We started cleaning the house every single weekend now. They do increase the need of cleaning, don’t they?! I have to mop and vacuum every night!

  3. Suddenly, my husband and I are talking about poop and pee, like A LOT!

  4. Puppies DO disrupt sleep!!! Every night before we go to sleep, we talk about who wakes up throughout the night to take him out.

  5. Simba (a puppy) is such an angel when sleeping. He is so sweet and cute. That's basically the only time I can hold him and kiss him.

  6. Everyone has an opinion of how to raise him. Some tell you to take him to training schools. Some say you need to have pads inside. Everyone will tell you what to do and how to do it just like they do when you have a baby. You gotta be patient.

  7. Suddenly, your puppy is a topic of every single conversation you are having with everyone! Oh trust me on that!

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