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Today I organized my bathroom linen closet that I also keep my beauty stuff, medicine, and other things in. I love cleaning and decluttering my closet. I go through my medications and make up stuff to make sure they are not expired every 6 months.

This year I was so busy, and I did not even try to declutter this closet, so let me give you some tips to declutter your closet:

First: Empty out your closet.

Second: Clean the closet thoroughly.

Third: Purge all your unneeded and expired items.

Fourth: Group like items together.

Fifth: Use organization bins, baskets, or boxes. I love these clear organizers that I’ve linked here for you.

Here is before and after of my closet. I have also linked some of my favourites here for you.

Also, here is my shower organizer:

Also, this perfume/cologne organizer is my favourite.

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