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Bride Must Haves

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Hey girlfriend and congratulations on your engagement!! I have put together a few favorite things that I know will help you for your wedding day. I linked them here for you as well on my LTK:

I hope this list helps you. Comment below and let me know your thoughts!



Mighty Patch:

As you know Mighty Patch improves the look of blemish overnight without hurting your skin. This is honestly a must have for a bride. Buy it and have it at least 2 weeks before your wedding. It can be used for acne too.

Bride Robe, Slippers, and Bride Bag:

Make sure you have a bride bag so you can organize your stuff before you go to the venue.

It is so much easier to have a beautiful robe and pretty slippers on while getting ready as well. This also allows your photographer to capture some beautiful “getting ready” photos.

Engagement Ring:

Make sure you clean your ring before your wedding day so it will be clean and fresh. If you forgot to take it to the jewelry store to get it cleaned, then make sure you have Dimond Dazzile Stik Jewelry cleaner so you can get your ring sparkly.

Ring Box, Ribbons, and Customized Hangers,

A beautiful ring box and Ribbon that matches your wedding colors is something you want to consider buying. You might ask why? I personally love it when my brides provide me what they love for me to capture their beautiful details.


Scent has the power to make memories. Make sure you select your favorite for your wedding day scent and give it to your photographer to capture it for you with your other detailing. Daisy Dream by Mark Jacobs is one of my favorites because it not only smells amazing, but the bottle is very pretty too.

Bride Robe and Slippers:

When the bride is getting ready and is doing her makeup, it is so much easier to have a beautiful robe and pretty slippers on. This also allows your photographer to capture some beautiful “getting ready” photos of you.

Flat and Cute Shoes: Make sure you have cute but comfy shoes just in case you start having pain in your feet. This allows you to change and be able to dance on the dance floor.

Soothing Foot Spray for Shoe Discomfort: If you have one of those beautiful, yet uncomfortable heels for your wedding, I strongly recommend this spray to help you with your discomfort.

Wedding Cape for Weddings in Colder Weather:

Make sure you have a coat or this beautiful cape if you are having your wedding in the cooler weather. It helps you to be warmer and have some unique photos.

Clear Umbrella:

Finally, make sure you have a clear umbrella just in case it’s raining. Taking pictures with a clear umbrella while raining is so pretty.

I have linked everything for you here:

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