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Dental Social Media Marketing

Dental Social Media Marketing

I've practiced Dental Assisting since 2010. I loved what I was doing but I loved being on social media and being a creator. I became an influencer in 2020 and I built my social media with so many followers. 

I noticed a lot of Dental Social Media Marketing Companies are not personable. You will not get to know the office. They post generic information about dentistry and dental care. 

Why do you think a dentist needs to have Instagram and Facebook?
It’s a way for your patients to get to know you as a practice, beyond their treatment time, which will build trust. Your competitors are likely using social media. I
f you want to be the name on people’s minds for dentistry, you should be too! I highly recommend having Facebook and Instagram for your office!

I create content for YOUR OFFICE! It will be personable and shows the environment of your office, not generic posts. I use social media strategies in order to keep your dental office's social media active. 

Many younger potential new patients will likely check a dental practice’s social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram before they bother to check their dental practice website.
But don’t worry, with my creativity and proper social media management, you’ll never miss a new patient inquiry.
Contact me for more information and rates. Please make sure to tell me what you are looking for and what would you like to improve. 

I cannot wait to chat with you!

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